Dale - Male 2022 3/4 Border Collie x 1/4 Blue Heeler

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Dale - Male 2022 3/4 Border Collie x 1/4 Blue Heeler

Dale A handsome, and very polite, Red-Tri/White traditional Border Collie markings with merleing on the legs. Dale was our favorite male in the litter, with a medium rough coat of hair, and he weighs in about 35 pounds. His Daddy is a very observant dog and often acts like he wishes he could talk to us.

No registration papers, as crossbred 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Blue Heeler puppy. Mother has prick ears medium rough coat, Fathers ears fold over and has rough coat. All 4 grandparents were working cattle dogs.

At pet price, no warranties, no pet alteration requirements. He is current with shots including rabies. But I have asthma, and we had a rough winter, so I did not get to train him basics. Plus in March arthritis hit my knees bad, so I was unable to take him for walks and basic training. A person would have to start him out with the basics like a puppy.

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