Rex - Male 2021 Border Collie x Blue Heeler


Rex (ID name only, answers to "here puppy", new owner can pick name). A handsome, more aggressive and sure of himself, Red/While Male with tradition Border Collie markings with extra chrome. He is a favorite of ours. If you want a dog to work at chasing things like Frisbees and/or livestock, this one is maybe likely to do it, he seems to love being busy. No registration papers, as 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Blue Heeler puppy. He is built with a heavier bone like his father, he has his fathers rough coat too, should be a medium to large size as an adult. Mother has prick ears medium rough coat, Fathers ears fold over and has rough coat. All grandparents were working cattle dogs.

At pet price, no warranties, no pet alteration requirements. This puppy will be wormed and have 1st puppy shot. Priced for pickup only. Any shipping and requirements will be at cost of buyer.

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