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Natural (Raised Organic Like) Flax Hull Lignans

Save Me Products offers this amazing Food Supplement.

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Attention: Due to price increases and the passing of some of our long time canine customers. We have decided not to carry this product any longer, as we would be unable to continue with our current discount on pricing. However, we thank our customers who have purchased this fine product from us for many years.

This is the same product we have offered for years, it just has new labeling.

Flax is an amazing grain with valuable nutritional properties. Flax Lignans (SDG) Flax Hulls (linum usitatissimum) are rapidly becoming popular because many health conscious individuals are experiencing noticeable health benefits from a small daily serving of lignans. And dog owners seem happy with the results of using Flax Hull Lignans as a part of the treatment of Canine Cushings Disease.

Flax seed is known for containing the highest concentration of lignans known as SDG (secoisolariciresinol diglycoside).

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In flax seed, most of the lignans are located in the hull area that encases the oily insides of the seed. This product contains only pure organic flax hulls, that have been separated from the oily inner part of the flax seed mechanically. As a result, it is said that Flax Lignans contain 70 times SDG lignans compared to an equal amount of traditional ground up whole seed.

Our Own Opinions on Flax Hull Lignans*:

We at Save Me Products, Inc. prefer to only offer the Natural (Raised Organic Like) version of the product. We know conventional grown flax hull lignans are often cheaper and can have same benefits as the Organic type. However, modern conventional farming practices often include chemical application weed control during the flax plants growth stages. Also, common with modern conventional farming practices, is pre-harvest chemical application to kill/dry the flax and weeds, just for quicker/easier harvesting. Chemical applications on live flax plants and GMO grains ARE NOT ALLOWED by Natural (Raised Organic Like) farming practices. Natural (Raised Organic Like) growers follow much stricter guidelines, which we consider healthier. For those reasons, we only offer the Natural (Raised Organic Like) grown version, as that is what we prefer to use ourselves.

PLEASE NOTE: Organic Licensing has taken the rights to use this word "Organic" and set up rules in our state and elsewhere that will no longer allow organic farmers to use the word "Organic" on their product, unless they pay for very expensive licensing and/or certification. So, these farmers who still practice organic methods to raise the same product, if they don't pay the fees, they have to use the word "Natural" instead on their products. For that reason, you will now see the word "Natural" instead of "Organic" on this products labeling.

Other Studies and Opinions on Flax Hull Lignans*:

Studies show that SDG lignans could be effective in a variety of health complications. Extensive study has been done on the effects of flax lignans on certain diseases such as melanoma, skin cancer, prostate cancer, Lupus, diabetes, and many others.

Many individuals believe that flax lignans boost the immune system significantly, reduce excessive free radical activity in the body, and thereby, maybe helpful to protect the body from these diseases. Equally interesting, other users of Flax Lignans report improvement from hair loss.

In addition to reported benefits for hormone related conditions, such as hair loss, lignans have long been reported to help improve prostate health, reduce menopausal symptoms, promote heart health and have benefits for breast health. There are studies past and currently on going in varies countries, that should provided some interesting information in the future on these reported benefits.

Flax BlossomsMany pre-menopause and menopausal women, who are dealing with hormone related problems, have reported that SDG lignans make a positive improvement in balancing their hormones. This is probably due to the natural Phytoestrogens found in flax lignans. ED and EL mimic estrogen in the body and is the best natural HRT replacement for women in menopause. It's not uncommon for women to report that they overcome symptoms of "Hot Flashes" while taking Flax Lignans.

A recent study by the University of Illinois at Chicago, monitoring women having "Hot Flashes", found increased memory loss linked to the condition. "The more true hot flashes a woman had, the worse her memory..." according to Dr. Pauline Maki. It appears that women who get treatment for hot flashes can also improve their memories. Source 6-18-2008 press release: University of Illinois.

Women often report improvement with breast tenderness, sweating, vaginal dryness, bloating, hot flashes, panic attacks, uneven menstrual cycles, and PMS symptoms. Many people seem to believe Flax Hulls may be one of the best natural substitute for estrogen for both men and women experiencing menopause.

Other Flax Lignum users seem to believe/report that the daily use of flax lignans helped support them with coping with traditional modern day medical cancer treatments for breast, colon, bowel, and prostate cancer. Many individuals believe it helps support treatment of HIV and AIDS especially in reducing viral infections.

Lignans along with Melatonin have been found to remedy and to help ease the pain and symptoms of Canine Cushing's Disease for dogs.

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flax hull lignansFlax Hull Lignans is a concentrated powder made from the outer area of the seed. It's very different from eating the entire flax seed. The same volume of concentrated flax hulls would be equivalent to a few hundred times in quantity of the entire flax seed to take. Remember that excessive use of flax seed oil may be toxic to the digestive system and can cause health problems.

Flax Hull Lignans is reported to be an excellent dietary fibre, and is considered very stable and normally does not turn rancid at room temperature. It will keep for up to 2 years. This product only contains the shell of the seed and does not contain flax oil that was removed.

*Please use your own judgment and the judgment of your own health care professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use:

Humans: Each container contains 155 Grams, approximately a one month supply for one individual. 1 Scoop (1/2 level tbsp. (Tablespoon), 5 Grams) daily mixed in less acidic juice, such as grape, apple, cranberry. Or sprinkle on cereal or food. Avoid taking with higher acid juices such as orange or grapefruit juice, as they may reduce the benefits of flax lignans.

Servings for dogs for Canine Cushings Diease: It is generally suggested to serve Lignans along with Melatonin. Many Vets recommend a minimum of 1 mg of SDG lignan per 1 lb of dog weight, however most agree that this natural grain can be given safely even up to 10x the minimum recommended amount. There is 1,000 mg in 1 Gram, the enclosed scoop holds 5 Gram. A level 1/4 teasoon would equal approximately 833 mg. Please follow your Vets recommondation as it may vary.


Natural (Raised Organic Like) Flax Hull Lignans

ATTENTION: Due to price increases and the passing of some of our long time canine customers. We have decided not to carry this product any longer, as we would be unable to continue with our current discount on pricing. However, we thank our customers who have purchased this fine product from us for many years.

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I'm pre-menopausal and had been having hot flashes and several panic attacks daily. I was on the flax lignans for about 3 weeks and started to notice less arthritic pain, and the hot flashes just about had disappeared. By the fifth week happily the several daily panic attacks had diminished to just one during the whole week. This is great!. LD from ND.


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  Quilters software, quilting software, gout treatment, barn camera

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Quilters software, quilting software, gout treatment, barn camera
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