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Calf hood to protect from frozen ears, frozen ear covering for newborn calves, how to keep calf ears from freezing




How many times have you dried a newborn calve off, right after it was born during cold weather, only to have the ears freeze anyway? "Mother Nature" probably is your problem.

Cows by nature are good mothers. We cattlemen bred them for their mothering abilities. For at least the first 24 hours of a newborns life, "Mom" by instinct just keeps proudly washing her new baby. Especially around the easy to reach ears. So even though you did your best to save them, the ears get wet again....thanks to "Mom" and then they freeze! With all your efforts to get that healthy calf on the ground, warm and dry, your efforts could suddenly become meaningless without the help of SAVE ME EARS


In the early stages, SAVE ME EARS started out unsatisfactory as a mitten type cover for each ear. Seemed like once the ears were cold they stayed cold in the mitten type. Most cattlemen should know that having your gloves off for a spell in sub-zero temps while repairing something, then putting ones cold nearly froze hands back in the gloves, that often times the hands just don't warm up. Many cows find those type of ear mitten covers great to chew on too!

But put your cold hands inside the pockets next to the body, hands will warm up pretty quick. SAVE ME EARS works along the same principal, capturing the calves own body heat in a pocket! Save

SAVE ME EARS was designed so that the calves ears are held back in a natural birthing position. SAVE ME EARS material, goes back along the calves neck having a specially designed air pocket to capture that extra needed body heat that the calves head may not supply enough of on it's own. Especially with weaker calves with slow circulation.

Adjustment is done with only three velcro like hook tape straps, of which one is attached to a special patented neck strap that holds SAVE ME EARS in proper position. These straps can be fastened anywhere needed on the special made tough nylon outer surface. When properly fitted, it does not interfere with the natural ability of the calf to nurse on a cow.

SAVE ME EARS is sewn together with a quality, tough, 69 weight nylon thread, the type used to sew boot tops. Insulation is durable, machine washable, neoprene, originally developed for deep water divers, to keep them warm and protected. The neoprene is the thicker type, to help fight cows from chewing it to pieces or tearing it up.

Unlike many other foam based materials, neoprene closed cells resists soaking up lots of water, and is reusable over and over. This material has a reputation of remaining flexible without cracking in very cold temps. Save

SAVE ME EARS was designed to protect the calf ears from mothering cow licks just during the first chilly night of life when the temps (or wind chill) drop below 20-25 degrees F when newborn ears are most likely to freeze, or the first 24 to 36 hours of calves life during colder weather, when the cow licks her newborn calf the most. During which time the newborns circulation is also a little slower too.

In most cases the covering can be used on the next newborn after the first 24 to 36 hours, as usually cows get back to the job of eating to feed their calf, and in most cases, her calves circulation will pick up.

Just saving two sets of ears could possibly cover the cost of one SAVE ME EARS, and extra ears saved could mean that badly needed profit for your extra hard work and efforts.

Designed, cut out, and sewn together right here in North Dakota!

Recent Comment 01/14/2017: "Just thought I would send a quick note to say thanks for a great product. Just finished up a cold week of calving heifers in Northeast Nebraska and I definitely appreciated what a quality product these hoods are. Thanks again and keep up the good work." ~ Chris M., NE

Recent Comment 01/09/2018: "I'm impressed. Someone has put a lot of thought and ingenuity in developing this product. Appears indestructible, yet soft and supple for the calf. Sure beats the Carhartt beanie I was attempting to use. Ordered them Friday night at 8 pm, was in my mailbox on Monday. How's that for fast shipping. My calves appreciate your dedication." ~ Dennis D. K., PA

Recent Comment 02/19/2019: "...We calve out and seldom have newborns inside, thanks to your awesome ear protector..." ~ T.W, NE

NOTE ON SIZES: Some breeders having calves with smaller size heads, prefer the "Small" size Save Me Ears. Many Angus breeders will place an order that is half or less of the regular size and half or more of the small size. Angus breeders who noramlly have an average birth weight of 65 to 80 pounds, will probably appreciate the small size best.

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Please Note: During extreme cold weather we sometimes run out of materials due to high demand. During those times, we usually have more neoprene material on order and add to the inventory as supplies come in and we get them assembled. Please Check our Shopping Cart for current availability. If we are temporarily out of stock of the size you need, and you would like to get a email notice when we have more available again, please Contact Us

Save Me Ears Since 1996

Large Size
75 to 110 pound calf. Some Angus breeders having smaller size calving ease calf heads may also want to order small Small size.

Price: $69.75 One Sale $58.59. Please check our shopping cart for current availability, Plus Priority Shipping/packaging in U.S.A.

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Small Size
60 to 80 pound calf, many Angus breeders like this size for their calving ease calves with smaller heads.

Price: $69.75 One Sale $58.59. Please check our shopping cart for current availability, Plus Priority Shipping/packaging in U.S.A.

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Small Size Lite
Same as Small Size, but lighter weight 3mm neoprene. Comfortable for the calf, but untested in extreme sub-zero weather. Is known to do well in barn or zero and above
Price: $68.75 One Sale $57.59. Limited Supply. Please check our shopping cart for current availability, Plus Priority Shipping/packaging in U.S.A.

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Questions, Answers & Tips

Q: Do I need to dry the calve off or will Save Me Ears do that?
A: Save Me Ears is not a calf dryer. In cold weather you should always dry the calf off. Especially if the temperature is 20 degrees F or colder where the newborn calf is located. Save Me Ears closed cell neoprene does not absorb nor wick away moisture. But Save Me Ears can help protect the newborn calves ears from freezing by helping to repel from the ears: cow saliva, snow and sleet. While it holds the ears next to the calves neck in an air pocket that is warmed by the calves own natural body heat.

Q: How long can I keep Save Me Ears on?
A: After the first 24 to 36 hours of a newborn calves life, the risk of ears freezing is normally much less. Once the initial higher risk frost bite period of the first 24 hours has past, then it's better for the calf to discontinue use of Save Me Ears. It's best for the calf to have freedom of ear movement and natural air circulation around it's head and ears as soon as possible after 24 hours. After this time, the cow will also normally be less attentive to her newborn, licking the ears much less, and more interested in eating so she can provide milk for her new calf. The calves own heart rate and circulation is normally a little slower the first 24 hours, so that should also be at a more normal rate after 24 hours, which will help the calf ears stay warmer.

Q: Can I put Save Me Ears on before putting calf in the drying/warmer box?
A: Save Me Ears will not help dry the calves ears. You should allow the ears to dry thoroughly while in the drying/warmer box. When you take the dried calf out, then put Save Me Ears on the calf to protect the ears from becoming wet again from cow saliva, snow & sleet.

Q: I just tried Save Me Ears on a newborn calf and the hood fell off, why?
A: Save Me Ears special neck strap is what holds the hood on and in proper position. If the neck strap is not in proper placement nor adjusted snug against the calves neck, similar to a dog collar, the hood will come off. Just as a loose fitting dog collar will go off over a dog's head. If the neck strap is properly placed and properly snug, Save Me Ears should stay in it's proper position. Be sure to read the directions that came with Save Me Ears for proper placement. If you have lost your copy, e-mail us, and we will e-mail you back a .pdf copy.

Q: I have 100 cows to calve out during cold weather. Do I need one for each calf?
A: Save Me Ears is only meant to be used for the first 24 to 36 hours of a newborn calves life, after that it should be removed, or passed on to the next calf. We recommend having one Save Me Ears for the most cows you have had, that normally calve in one day. If the most you have calved in a day is 4 cows, then 4 hoods would normally be enough to have. After 24 to 36 hours the hood should be removed or can be passed on to the next calf.

Q: My cows are calving in the barn during cold weather but some are scared or upset of Save Me Ears. What should I do?
A: Each cow is different, some couldn't care less, others less tame need time to inspect, or a little rancher trickery maybe needed to help the cow accept. We know cows react to scent. The more the hood smells like the normal environment of the cow, the better. The hood will take on the barns odor when hung in the barn for several days, or already used on another calf. Many find it helpful to simply wrap the hood on corral panels bars or boards within easy reach for the cow to stiff and inspect well she is in labor. Some will even rub the outside of the hood on the wet newborn calf so the hood takes on some of the newborns scent. Others have rubbed a little of the cows own manure across the top area of the hood.

The other thing is just the protective attitude of range cows. Again, it’s sometimes best to hang the hood on corral panels so the range cow gets use to seeing the hood and it’s smell while they are in labor in the calving pen. Or even hang it on corral board/panel near where they go get water, for a week or so before calving starts, then they learn it is not a threat, become familiar with it’s smell, and learn to accept the calf hood as a part of their environment.

Q: Do I have to wash Save Me Ears after every use?
A: Often times not, you'll have to be the judge of that. If it's not that dirty, just pass it on to the next calf. If Save Me Ears feels a little damp from condensation after removing from a calf, you may want it to dry out before placing on another calf. Often we find touchy cows will accept the hood more readily when it smells like the barn or their own environment.

Q: I didn't get out to my newborn calf fast enough to dry it before the ears froze at least an inch in. Will Save Me Ears save the ear tips for me?
A: Sorry, once the ears are froze already, the damage is done. However, by drying the calve and putting Save Me Ears on for 24 hours, it could be helpful to keep some sections of the ears from receiving further damage.

Q: How do I clean Save Me Ears.
A: Some just rinse off with a garden hose and hang to dry. Save Me Ears can be washed in the wash machine with regular soap (no Bleach nor fabric softeners), with warm water settings. Save Me Ears could be put in the washer with the dirty coveralls. Then hang dry. Save Me Ears will dry in a few hours at normal room temperatures. Do not dry Save Me Ears in a clothes dryer, as the high heat will shorten the use of Save Me Ears, by breaking down the neoprene and the glues that hold the outside layers of fabric on.

Q: The little Velcro like tabs are full of bits of hay and straw and do not fasten to the cover well anymore. It doesn't come out in the washer either. What should I do?
A:Just use a common black hair comb and comb the debris out of the little loops on the straps. Once the little hook loops are cleaned the straps will fasten properly again.


For quicker drying time of your newborn calf during extremely cold weather, use a horse sweat scraper to remove excess amniotic fluid that the cow has not removed.

For calves about the same size, it's not necessary to unhook the front nose strap. Just unhook the neck strap and the strap closest to the chest to put on and take off.

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